My New Place is (Mostly) a Blessing

Back in 2012, I bought a new home – or my very first home, rather.

The upkeep of a house! Yikes!! There’s so much to stay on top of! I was thrilled when I first moved in and I still am – I really, really am, but now and again, the expenses can be absolutely bonkers because there are just so many little and large things that add up and up. New issues can spring out of nowhere, which is trying at times.

Yesterday morning, I found the bathroom was totally congested – the toilet was fine but the bath and the basin were 100% blocked. Nothing would go down – we tried everything – boiling water, caustic soda, I even went out and bought a plunger! Nothing helped. My friend who is a plumber, knew someone who specifically unblocks drains on the cheap and lives about 10 mins away from me – this company


They were absolutely amazing. They came literally within the hour (I think maybe 40 mins later) and they only took about an hour to unblock everything. Price was just £70!!!! I thought it would be so much more as so many other companies charge so much. If I were to have called out DynoRod, I think they would have charged me an absolute fortune! I recall one of my friends calling them out once for a blocked loo and I think he said they charged him around £400 – which is basically just completely totally and utterly mental beyond comprehension. Sometimes makes me think I’m in the wrong biz.

It clearly helps to know people who know other extremely useful and capable people. This comes in handy in particular when you own a home. I think I might take a plumbing course after that and consider a little DIY plumbing on the side so as to avoid anything like that from happening again!



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