Great New Start

So let this be a fab new start with a fab new blog.

I LOVE the domain name I managed to get here. Funnily enough, I used to run a formal wear biz with my Uncle back from around 2001 to 2008. I had my eye on this domain back then but someone else had it, then I went to check on it a few weeks back and hooray, it was available!! Who would have know, eh? Perfect.

So hello! This is my fabbotastic new blog and I’m here to stay. Read about me here.

To summarise, I used to be in fashion retail – a few years ago. I no longer am, but I’m doing something a LOT, LOT better which is far less time consuming and far less stressful because let’s face it, working in fashion IS very stressful, whichever way that you look at it. I do sometimes think back to those happy and largely carefree days though, I mean, they were pretty fantastic. We used to work in Soho, London. It was the family’s shop and it was so much fun, regardless of the long hours and sometimes annoying clients and customers. I’m going to be talking about those days in this blog now and again. I think it’ll be a very therapeutic and fun way to escape my sometimes rather tough days today. 🙂

Enjoy my words / ramblings on the home page, here. Yes, there will be plenty. I do love to ramble, m’dears.


P.S. I have to say that I love this layout / WP blog design and HUGE KUDOS to whomever made it. I was looking around for aaaaages trying to find a decent design so I was hugely pleased to find this one. Thank you kind Sir whomever made it! It’s just perfect. Love, love, love the colours on it too. The blues and the pinks just melt into each other.


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