First Things, First


It’s not just what’s great, it’s what’s not great. 

Yep. That’s the stuff. I feel like I know myself so well now. I’ve been undergoing counselling / talk therapy for a long time – almost three years I think, and it’s really changed me from the inside, out. I recall being really uncomfortable and to be honest, just outright angry with my life in the distant past with all the things that I considered to be not great / bad but now I’m OK with everything.

I think that it takes a while to change your outlook on life. It isn’t something that can happen overnight. Some people think that you only need to go for therapy once or twice and you’ll be so much better and happier, but it’s really not like that at all. It does take time, so give yourself a good chance if you wish to alter something in your life/ your outlook.

Everything will work out so much better in the end – I promise. And look into the ‘Mandela Effect’; it will totally blow your mind (or not!). It might change your outlook on life within a very short space of time because it’s just so shocking. You may think it’s rubbish, I don’t know, but I really think that it’s worth looking into for 5 mins or so. It’s something that I’ve been looking into for a while and I found it very interesting and therapeutic and it really helped to supplement my healing.

Have a look at the Youtube video below:


It’s extremely interesting and I’ve shared a lot of stuff about it with some friends who were equally amazed by it. I think that’s it’s a very, very positive thing and not nearly as negative or outright bad as so many people are shouting about. I think it’s important to be positive about it.

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