About Thomas

Hey you.

I’m Thomas.

Thomas Wright. Yep, that’s me. All the way through and all the way around.

This is my little personal blog. It’s cute, compact, and I’ll enjoy rambling in it for many years to come.

Be warned that I’ll ramble on it. I’ll tell tall tales of past events. I’ll have a laugh now and again. I’ll share a memory or ten. I’ll have a fine time at the weekend venting about work and issues with family members.

I’ll enjoy looking back on my entries in the future, too. If you wish to know more about me, fab – I’d be happy to share. Why not? Read my posts on the front page of this site.Leave a comment or email me at thomas@tomsformalwear.com 

Please don’t be offended if I don’t reply; it just means that I either didn’t bother checking my email for months on end or I just don’t want what you’re attempting to sell me – that’s all. I really don’t want this email address to be spammed by the way – so please only leave a comment if you are a. a real person, and b. have something GOOD to say, not bad. I’m not interested in negative comments. I’m also not hugely impressed with offers to buy this or that. I’m good for plastic spoons and fake crap from other countries. I also actually prefer to buy in actual physical stores rather than stuff online which is typically quite crap.

Cheers m’ dears!

LOVE this pic: